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Erotology is the study of erotic expression, that is, any form of representation which seeks to sexually arouse its audience.

In the introduction to his Encyclopedia of Erotic Literature, C.J. Scheiner describes erotology thus:

Erotology is a multidisciplinary field. Its primary concern is the collection and investigation of all manner of expression concerned with sex. This includes not only the actual physical act of procreation, but the attitudes toward it, the social and cultural controls on it, the depictions of it in art and literature, the psychology and physiology (i.e. mind and body) at all levels of physical and mental complexity to explain the instigation and successful completion of copulation, and the artifices (aphrodisiacs) used to promote sexual activity. Erotology concerns itself with the real and tangible, as well as the symbolic and surrogate. Art, science, law, economy, criminology, theology, sociology, medicine, linguistics, ethnology and history are just a few of the ‘major’ academic disciplines that are readily identifiable as being concerned with the subject matter of erotology. Since the primary inborn, genetic instinct of the human being is successfully to reproduce its species, it is obvious that no element of human life is without sexual elements. It is the understanding of the evolution and the expression of these sexual elements that is the foundation of erotology.

This site is dedicated to the scholarly exploration and discussion of the field of erotology. It is designed to present a variety of representative materials and to stimulate discourse and collaboration toward a deeper understanding of the human condition.

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